AP system goes to "sleep".

Jeetendra Kumar jeetendra
Fri Feb 28 02:30:39 PST 2003

  Hi Yuchung,
Please note that as per Section of IEEE std 802.11, 1999 Edition
"This primitive is used by the higher-layer entities to manage or 
control the power consumption of the PMD when not in use. This allows 
higher-layer entities to put the radio into a sleep or standby mode when 
receipt or sending of any data is not expected."

Correct me if I am wrong.


Yuchung Cheng wrote:

>802.11 spec says AP should never sleep.
>On 02-27-2003, tanyh at bii.a-star.edu.sg wrote:
>>i just started setting up an AP on an old compaq pc
>>and i kept getting the system goes to "suspend" or "sleep"
>>when that happens, all wireless clients are not reachable. 
>>the wireless network just crippled. :(
>>anyone got a suggestion for this problem?
>>i'm looking into the kernel ACPI options now, 
>>and the compaq bios to disable power saving.
>>any possible chance if i shld try "cardctl resume" ??
>>i'll only get to access the old pc again on coming Saturday, 
>>so now i'm collecting all possible solution(s). :)
>>glad for any input from anyone. thanks in advance! ;)
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