DWL-520 PCI ethernet wireless

Jason Boxman jasonb
Thu Feb 27 08:23:06 PST 2003

Jacques Caron said:

> The DWL-520+ is the 22 Mbps version that indeed uses the TI chipset. But I
> believe I've seen posts of people with 520 non-plus cards that had
> non-PRISM chipsets also, though I fail to find where (I know for sure that
> there are at least different versions of the PRISM-based card, with
> different PCI bus requirements). I might be wrong and have generalized the
> WMP11 issues a bit too fast...

I do think some people managed to get the D-Link PCI cards working on
systems with an older PCI bus version.  Strange times.  I don't know about
the 520 non plus chipset, though.  It's possible I wasn't paying
attention. :)  With the WMP thing it's hard not to have doubts about any
of the cards on a week to week basis now.

> Jacques.
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