Fwd of Data Frames.

Peyush Agarwal peyush
Wed Feb 26 22:08:04 PST 2003


I've two qns, and I am looking for a reply from you:

1. Is the fwdng for the "Data frames" in hostap done at the driver level  OR  the firmware itself does this
without passing the frames to the driver ?

2. If we create a WDS link, it it possible to forward the data from one BSS to the other 'without' creating
a bridge between WDS link and WLAN link ?


Jouni Malinen wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 04:09:55PM -0800, DMZ wrote:
> >   I am having a problem with my dlink 520+ running host_ap 2002-10-12 on linux 2.4.18 kernel.
> > The problem only appears with Macintosh OSX users using the new AirPort Extreme 802.11G adapter card.
> > The card is suppose to step down to 802.11b compatable if it doesn't find a G network.
> > However it doesn't appear to be doing that.
> > One of the MAC users who also has a home d-link router suggested the following:
> > The problem is that it has a Tx rate of 22, which apparently  Airport Extreme
> > tries to interpret as a 11G signal.  The  configuration panel for the DLink
> > allows you to change from  1-2-5.5-11-22 to 1-2-5.5-11.  Then Airport
> > Extreme works fine.
> I do not see how this is related to the first problem. Prism2 does not
> use 22 Mbps rate.
> > wlan0: 00:03:93:e9:68:e4 auth (alg=0 trans#=1 stat=0 len=6fc=00b0) ==> 0 (authenticated)
> > wlan0: 00:03:93:e9:68:e4 assoc (len=32 prev_ap=00:00:00:00:00:00) => 1(0) (SUPP_RATES len error)
> IEEE 802.11g has not yet been released and the current "802.11g"
> products are using sme draft version of it. The version used by this
> client has a problem of generating invalid Supported Rates element in
> the association request frame. Host AP drops such invalid frames. Proper
> fix would be to wait for the 802.11g be finalized and then upgrade the
> station cards. As a workaround, you can also update Host AP driver to
> the latest cvs version which allows AssocReq frames with more than 8
> rates even though this kind of frame is not compliant with IEEE 802.11.
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