netperf BW tests with hostap and wlan-ng on WL200

Zhang, Tiebing tzhang
Tue Feb 25 11:21:06 PST 2003

The hostap driver in April 2002(still in old structure) has addressed this
issue. In function hfa384x_setup_bap() of prism2.c, disabling-interrupt (
function cli() ) was added. However, this code was removed after June 2002
in a code cleanup. I have personally kept this and no reset has been spotted
since then. 

I think Jouni is the best person to explain why that part of the code was


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Subject: netperf BW tests with hostap and wlan-ng on WL200

Hi ...
I've done some bandwidth testing on our wide area (several km from
STAs to AP) and got surprised with hostap vs wlan-ng diff. results (both
STAs with hostap managed mode on WL200 cards).

STAs are Pentiums 166/200 with linux-2.4.20 and hostap (with one STA
to wlan-ng yesterday).

Detailed setup  & results (netperf -fK output into rrdtool graph) are at
In short: from about 10~15 Kbytes/sec with hostap to 35~40 Kbytes/sec with

I suspect that hostap card resets on Prism2 (apparently _not_ the case with
are killing TCP throughput ...

Is there anything that can be done (eg. debugging) to help hostap driver
dev. ?

Thanks for the great hostap driver, Jouni...

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