Three Topics Here

David Chen dave
Tue Feb 25 04:16:59 PST 2003

Hi HostAP developers:

Three topics here:

1. 802.1x and ACL : 
	since ACL MAC address filtering is implented in the driver layer, it is not possible to have ACL and 802.1x co-exist in the current architecture. Does anyone have a clear idea of how to move the ACL up to the user space and become part of the hostapd? 

2. the callback function:
	in the hostap driver, the hostap_callback.c file is included in the hostap_hw.c file(I guess it's because the callback function is a without doubt a hardware-dependent implementation). it cause a deadlock when someone trying to load hostap driver module with the callback function implemented!!! the cause of the deadlock is that hostap.o has to be inserted into the kernel before hostap_pci.o, but it will lead to an unresolved symbol (prism2_callback).
my solution to this issue is:

A.	put the callback function pointer into the private data area.


B.	include the hostap_callback.c file in hostap.c rather than hostap_hw.c. then export the prism2_callback symbol so that the prism2_pci.o module could have access to this function.

3.Static WEP doesn't work with 802.1x:

	if one runs hostapd with -oOWN_IP -aAUTH_SRV_IP -sSHARED_SECRET -x  -b5 -i5 then set static WEP keys with iwconfig, the 802.1x authentication will not succeed (the hostapd will not receive any EAPOL identity response packet...I'm now tracing the packet flow to find out the reason. anyone got an idea?


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