Bridging wlan0/wlan1

Jacques Caron Jacques.Caron
Mon Feb 24 03:07:39 PST 2003


You need to use a WDS link between the two APs... Remember that 802.11 
packets need to contain the destination MAC address *and* the MAC address 
of the STA or AP that should receive the frame. This means that if your 
first AP is A, the second AP is B, and the station attached to B is C, then 
when A wants to send a packet to C, it actually sends it to B, but stating 
that it's for C. This requires WDS (because it uses 3- or 4-address 802.11 

The other option is to use routing or some form of tunneling.


At 11:26 24/02/2003, Dave wrote:
>Hi all,
>Can anyone confirm my findings that the Linux bridging code cannot bridge a
>wlan0 (Master mode) with a wlan1 (Managed mode) ?
>I guess I had assumed that it would work and apparently it does not.
>My hopes was to take the load off of the distribution radio (wlan0) so it is
>not sending data down a WDS link, but rather bridging it to a second radio
>(wlan1) running in managed mode to a remote hostap box.
>I brought up wlan0 in master mode, channel 1, essid test and brought up
>wlan1 in managed mode, channel 11, essid test2. Prior to placing both in a
>bridge I attached an IP address to wlan1 and made sure I was associated with
>the remote hostap box and could move traffic to/from. I then set wlan0 and
>wlan1 to up and created a bridge (br0) and added wlan0/wlan1 and did
>a ifconfig br0 up to get it rolling.
>An STA associated with wlan0 but cannot move data through the box to hit the
>remote hostap box.
>Anyone have any ideas?
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