Bridging wlan0/wlan1

Peyush Agarwal peyush
Mon Feb 24 02:36:36 PST 2003

linux bridging code does the brdg. between master & managed mode.
provide an ip addr (NOT to the bridge u've created and make it 'up'.

Dave wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can anyone confirm my findings that the Linux bridging code cannot bridge a
> wlan0 (Master mode) with a wlan1 (Managed mode) ?
> I guess I had assumed that it would work and apparently it does not.
> My hopes was to take the load off of the distribution radio (wlan0) so it is
> not sending data down a WDS link, but rather bridging it to a second radio
> (wlan1) running in managed mode to a remote hostap box.
> I brought up wlan0 in master mode, channel 1, essid test and brought up
> wlan1 in managed mode, channel 11, essid test2. Prior to placing both in a
> bridge I attached an IP address to wlan1 and made sure I was associated with
> the remote hostap box and could move traffic to/from. I then set wlan0 and
> wlan1 to up and created a bridge (br0) and added wlan0/wlan1 and did
> a ifconfig br0 up to get it rolling.
> An STA associated with wlan0 but cannot move data through the box to hit the
> remote hostap box.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks!
> -Dave
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