Mojo B. Nichols mojo.nichols
Sat Feb 22 07:51:34 PST 2003

I get intermittent freezes (not a crash, mouse and video stops, can't ping from wired
or wireless network) running hostap_pci and a DLink dwl-520 . I am also
using a bridge to connect my wired to my wireless.

What might cause this?  I suspect my wireless, because I seem to be
able to reproduce the error by browsing the website on this box and I
noticed this error right before the hard boot:

 /var/log/messages.1:Feb 15 12:43:57 localhost kernel:  wlan0: could not find matching txfid (0x0123) for alloc event

I don't see this message later, but I've also quit browsing the
internal website via the wireless client. 

That said to make matters worse I recently upgraded from a single
processor to a dual processor (with considerably more Mhz per chip)

My appologies if this is inappropriate place to post such questions, I
have not yet read any FAQ about this list, and am recklessly
posting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Mojo Nichols


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