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Dave Edwards Dave.Edwards
Tue Feb 18 04:23:18 PST 2003

  FD10 is a bitmask of the allowed channels, in big endian 
representation (I think). This indicates that your device is allowed to 
operate from CH1 (2.412) through to CH13 (2.472)

Here is an extract from an early 802.11 standard (Apologies if the 
formatting is messed up!)

Regulatory domains CHNL_ID Frequency FCC IC ETSI Spain France MKK(Japan)
1 2412 MHz X X X   
2 2417 MHz X X X   
3 2422 MHz X X X   
4 2427 MHz X X X   
5 2432 MHz X X X   
6 2437 MHz X X X   
7 2442 MHz X X X   
8 2447 MHz X X X   
9 2452 MHz X X X   
10 2457 MHz X X X X X 
11 2462 MHz X X X X X 
12 2467 MHz   X  X 
13 2472 MHz   X  X 
14 2484 MHz      X

FD11 is the country /regulatory setting where:

FCC (USA) = X'10'
DOC (Canada) = X'20'
ETSI (most of Europe) = X'30'
Spain = X'31'
France = X'32'
MKK(Japan) = X'40'

I would double check the domain setting, it looks like your radio has 
been set to default (possibly US). To correct this you will need to 
download the Intersil test suite and reset the PDA. I'm not an expert on 
this but I know that it's possible, you could also just try writing 0x30 
to FD11 to see if it will allow you to select ESTI channels.

Hope this helps


gARetH baBB wrote:

>On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Dave Edwards wrote:
>>As to using these channels, we use 12&13 for some of our products in the
>>UK. If you have a US product you might have to reconfigure it to allow
>>it to use these bands.
>Precisely what I want to do, I am in the UK.
>RID FD11 (and FD10) seem to be the deciding factors here, or at least
>signify something to do with the regulatory domain.
>Can anyone "decode" the precise meaning of
>I'm investigating ...
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