Channels 12 and 13

Dave Edwards Dave.Edwards
Tue Feb 18 03:19:36 PST 2003

The channel information is country specific.

If I recall correctly you have only 11 FCC channels in the US and 13 
ETSI channels in Europe(except France and Spain).
Additionally Japan had only channel 13 available for a time (I think 
this has now changed).

The idea of storing channel/country information helps the manufacturer 
avoid hefty fines that can be applied when a device operates on an 
illegal band. (and prevents ths user having his equipment confiscated, 
as can happen in the UK!)

As to using these channels, we use 12&13 for some of our products in the 
UK. If you have a US product you might have to reconfigure it to allow 
it to use these bands.

Hope this helps


gARetH baBB wrote:

>Has anyone managed to use these channels ?
>The ZoomAir website implies (well says), that the radio-type configuration
>is stored as part of the firmware - so does anyone know of ETSI specific
>firmware ?
>Or is this all rubbish ... ?
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