张 东 hotvsat
Tue Feb 18 00:15:46 PST 2003

 On my strongarm board(32MByte SDRAM) the hostap driver(2002-09-12,Master) 
moves fluently, but from minicom I find that the system memory seems 
decreased all along. I get the system memory info by "cat proc/meminfo".
 I have 3 or 4 stations(PC card in laptop)in use. when a new sta associated 
with the AP(I can see from minicom,the flag is 0x0003), the memory of the 
AP will drop at least 4KB, but the problem is when the sta has left and its 
list in AP has been deleted(also from minicom I can confirm), the memory is 
still at its original value, the 4KB or more memory space the sta used 
seems not been released. The result is every time "cat proc/meminfo" I will 
get a smaller freemem value, the  free memory space seems go down all the 
 Is it the memleak?


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