Updating card using Intersil Windows Driver

Craig Foster craig
Mon Feb 17 16:34:21 PST 2003

I have been trying to find a vendor that has 1.5.x station firmware available 
for download so that I can use WDS with my hardware AP's, but so far I have 
had no luck.  So...

1)  First of all, does anyone know of a source to download 1.5.x or better 

2)  Can some one tell me whether the Intersil Windows driver flashes the card 
or simply loads it into volatile memory?

3)  The Intersil Windows drivers do not seem to recognize my board.  My guess 
is that they are looking for particular RID's.  If this is the case, does 
anyone know the RID's I should modify (and the appropriate values) to make 
make the Intersil drivers work for me?

Craig Foster
craig at wiw.org

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