card error

James Harper james.harper
Mon Feb 17 03:44:51 PST 2003

i just noticed this error in my event log, the first line is complaining
abount a situation that is obviously not true
wlan0: Interrupt, but SWSUPPORT0 does not match: 8A32 != 8A32 - card
wlan0: scheduled card reset
hostap_pci: wlan0: resetting card
wlan0: removed pending cmd_queue entry (type=1, cmd=0x010b,
prism2_hw_config: initialized in 22463 iterations
wlan0: trying to read PDA from 0x007f0000: OK
prism2_tx_timeout: wake up queue
wlan0: could not find matching txfid (0x013c) for alloc event

i never noticed an outage.
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