Windows Host AP software

Robert Botha flash
Sat Feb 15 12:34:26 PST 2003

Lucent's Latest Orinoco Driver have AP mode enable it with a
registry setting

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ambicom's windows driver has winap built it, but they are moving away from
prism chip set, and I'm not sure if  the new card support hostap mode.
it is not possible to tell what chip is used in the card. the outlook is the

and it is not possible to enable hostap mode in other cards with this
driver. i think some mod in CIS and/or config records is needed.
if you wanna try, I can send you the driver and a dump of the card CIS when
I go back to office.

> > I have a number of prism 2 cards in a heterogenius enviroment.  I am in
> > process of setting up one of my linux boxen with the host AP driver, but
> > also have a Win2k box that is in an ideal place to have it function as
> > AP.  Does anyone know if there is any Windows software/drivers out there
> > enable the AP mode for prism cards?

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