a lot of earth kernel: device eth0 entered promiscuous mode

Ka Chun, Cheng kccheng
Sat Feb 15 08:21:48 PST 2003

oh thanks but the point is, it do not freeze my ethernet before. I wonder if
my hardware is faulty or what. I wish I'd never buy this plx card. I didn't
know this plx chip is not a real pcmcia bridge when I bought this card. I
just liked the antenna.

you know what, I made a wlan driver which support prism and lucent, in a
embedded system without OS. from ground zero...... I added this TX timeout
reset(and prism command timeout) feature in my driver, too. I wish it is
never needed, but there are too many firmware revision out there, too many
AP out there. you never know..

anyway thanks for your patch, I'll try it too. I'm out of idea now.
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> Dne so 15. ?nor 2003 16:27 jste napsal(a):
> > hello
> >   I've been using hostap for a few months and it work all the time.
> > the driver have to reset the card sometimes.(seen it in log)
> So don't let the driver to reset your card. I removed resetting line from
> code and no errors on unstability I didn't find out:

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