a lot of earth kernel: device eth0 entered promiscuous mode

Ka Chun, Cheng kccheng
Sat Feb 15 07:27:12 PST 2003

  I've been using hostap for a few months and it work all the time. except the driver have to reset the card sometimes.(seen it in log)

my config...
eth0 for internal lan, 
eth1 for adsl modem
wlan0 for wlan, it is a plx card with latest release of hostap.
eth0 and wlan0 bridged into br0
2.4.20 kernel, with new nat patch 
the only change i made is linux-igd ad reami. installed few weeks ago.

anyway my problem is, in a fine sunny day I decided to upgrade my samba server(had some problem on direct file execute on shares)
after the compile, lsing around to check the files... my putty client freezed and the server console keep poping out

earth kernel: device eth0 entered promiscuous mode

they don't show up in the log.
i wonder why the eth0 is resetting itself...and not the wlan!?

so I changed the cable to another port in the switch, replaced the network card, all fail. it will happen again in few mins, or few hours. in some worst case ifconfig show error getting device info, and show no interface.

now I disabled the bridge, still waiting for the problem to happen. i guess without the bridge it won't happen, as the card won't go into promiscuous mode.

any hints?
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