[ptp-general] Updated HostAP rpms

Aaron Baer judah
Thu Feb 13 12:52:08 PST 2003

Quick update. When I built the first set of these they didn't have
support for Downloading to volatile memory. I have since corrected this
and made the new packages available. 

I've also created an apt repository for those using apt-get on RedHat8.0


#For i386: 
#rpm http://www.cat.pdx.edu/~baera/apt/ 8.0/i386 hostap 
#For i686: 
#rpm http://www.cat.pdx.edu/~baera/apt/ 8.0/i686 hostap 
#For SRC: 
#rpm-src http://www.cat.pdx.edu/~baera/apt/ 8.0/i386 hostap

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 10:58, Aaron Baer wrote:

> I've made available the i386 and i686 rpms as well as the src.rpm and
> kernel-source packages. These contain config files for all x86 based
> platforms modified to build with HostAP as modules. These packages are
> built with the latest cvs snapshot(from Feb 11, 2003) and include module
> support for pcmcia, pci, plx 
> You can grab them from my website:
> http://www.cat.pdx.edu/~baera/
> or
> http://www.cat.pdx.edu/~baera/redhat_hostap/

Aaron Baer
judah at opusnet.com

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