Strange Problem With Number Of Clients

Jeff Meden blade
Wed Feb 12 20:29:34 PST 2003

I am currently testing the newest CVS version of the hostap driver on a 
slackware linux intel box, and am noticing strange problems.  With WEP 
on, an allow policy and addresses set, and two or fewer clients, the 
machine runs flawlessly, at heavy load.  With a CVS driver from last 
week, and more than two clients, the machine would kernel dump within a 
few minutes of starting to load the box.  I studied this for a few days 
and then updated to today's CVS, and the box will simply freeze upon 
loading with more than two clients.  What can i look for as a cause or 
possible solution?  The machine is hard locking and im getting no 
strange info from the kernel up to the freeze.  I have been trying to 
narrow down the causes but changing things like wep keys and mac lists 
doesnt seem to affect the behavior.  Any info would be great, thanks!


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