What functions kick-start 802.1x?

Oleg Izhvanov oleg.izhvanov
Tue Feb 11 05:31:50 PST 2003

Nikhil Chauhan wrote:

> Hello:
> I'm in the process of tweaking the hostapd code to support 802.1x 
> functionality.
> My driver is not based on the Intersil chipset and hence I'm trying to 
> pull-out
> ONLY the AP functionality to support 802.1x.
> Can someone point me to the precise functios(s) I should call from my 
> driver code
> to kick-start 802.1x authentication. Any pointers will be highly 
> apreciated.
Imho, pushing 802.1x functionality into kernel driver is generally a bad 
Driver shouldn't know anything about EAP/Radius and something like that.
The management entity, such as for example 802.1X Authenticator, should
only have ability to receive association/de-association notifications, 
kernel driver to associate/de-associate a particurlar station. One of 
the mechanisms
for that is Wireless Extensions.

Several months ago I released a patch, which enables hostapd to use 
wireless events.
This patch is intended for use with wireless card that does not let 
802.11 frames to the
userspace (I mean that all management operations are performed by the 
kernel driver),
and it's driver must support both of the IWEVREGISTERED and IWEVEXPIRED
events. So, if your driver supports wireless extensions this might help you.

I plan to release new patch soon, which can be easily integrated into 
current hostapd

BR, Oleg

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