HostAP AP not sending beacons?

Lewis Adam-CAL022 Adam.Lewis
Sun Feb 9 18:48:10 PST 2003

Hi again Jouni,

Yes I was running tcpdump on the host running in AP mode, I understand now
that even when things are working properly this will not work.  I have
another laptop, a standard win2000 machine with a cisco 802.11b card, but it
does not see anything from the HostAP Master.  I think now however that this
is related to my last post which I already replied to about my linux box
seeming to think my linksys wpc11 card is an ethernet card and not a wlan
card.  If i can get this issue fixed, i think i will be on my way.  Has
anybody ever had this problem before??


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On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 06:37:51PM -0600, Lewis Adam-CAL022 wrote:

> it should already be working, but it does not appear that HostAP is
> out any beacons on its wlan0 interface.  My assumption is based on running
> tcpdump and seeing none sent out

Are you running tcpdump in the same host that you are configuring as the
AP? Beacon frames are sent by the station firmware and they are not
"visible" in the same host using tcpdump. You should be able to see
beacon frames, if you set another host in monitor mode on the same

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