New 802.11g Wireless Standard

Vladimir Ivaschenko hazard
Sun Feb 9 12:07:17 PST 2003

> AES would be really nice.  I'm not too sure how forthcoming Intersil will be
> with their flagship chipset information to the general public, however
> contacting one of the vendors (such as D-Link, etc.) may provide to be

Somehow I feel that vendors wouldn't want to release specs or open source
drivers, because they don't want to decrease their AP sales, and we would
get something unworkable ala ACX100 binary driver.  IMHO releasing specs
is a business of chipset manufacturer.

> productive.  I know the linux-wlan group is having a heck of a time trying
> to convince Intersil to release any information on the chipsets.

That's what I heard as well. :( 
> Perhaps once Intersil estabilishes more OEM customers, they may decide to
> release the specs much like they did with the Prism 2.5.

Their position doesn't seem logical, having Linux support will actually
*help* them get more customers, especially in the embedded arena. More or
less I understand Atheros' position, which wanted to keep its market lead
by keeping everything secret (a questionable approach as well), but I
fail don't understand Intersil's position.

Best Regards
Vladimir Ivaschenko

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