Newbie needing help.

Rus Foster rghf
Sun Feb 9 00:26:22 PST 2003

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Paul and Allison Riola wrote:

> I have already rebuilt my kernel, adding support for the
> prism 2.4 chipset,  and I began
> the installation of the hostap driver; however, the modprobe
> won't recognize
> hostap_pci.0.  Does the module need to be loaded during a
> rebuild, and if so  how do you
> rebuild a kernel to support prebuilt modules? I tried placing
> the file in the
> /lib/modules/..... manually, but that did not work.  How do I
> get the kernel  to
> recognize this module?  I would greatly appreciate any help.
> Thank you
> Paul Riola

Trying running "depmod -a" then "modprobe -l | grep -i hostap" to see if
it is in the listing. If so modprobe hostap_pci. If its not there try
another "make install"


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