Problems upon PC card insertion

Jon Loeliger jdl
Fri Feb 7 14:03:51 PST 2003

So, like, the other day "Jason Boxman" mumbled:
> > wlan0: Channel setting out of range (3)!
> > wlan0: Possible interrupt delivery problem - hostap_cs got 8 tick events
> > (expected about 100)
> >
> > Does anybody know what this means?
> I don't know. :)

Basically, there is an interrupt delivery problem to your card.
To fix this in my World (ASUS MoBo, Debian, builtin kernel
PCMCIA, Yenta Socket driver), I _also_ had to turn USB off
at the BIOS level.  There was some really bad interrupt sharing
that was taking place, and that fixed it.  That and the
setting of PCIC=yenta_socket in /etc/defaults/pcmcia.



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