PLX Card Installation Error

Venkatesh N venky
Fri Feb 7 06:35:03 PST 2003

Hi All,

I'm using a PCI card which hold a prism 2.5 PCMCIA card.
Basically i'm using a PLX card.

I did follow instructions of HostAP installation.

When I do a "insmod hostap_plx.o" I get the following error
"init_module: no such device
 Hint: Insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters
 invalid IO or IRQ parameter"

Can anyone help in solving this issue.

I did try the same PCMCIA card plugged in to the PCMCIA slot, it works
But when I plug in my PCMCIA card on a PCI card (PLX) and then
try install it gives me the above error.

Can anyone suggest me how do I come out of this problem.

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your valuable time.

Venkatesh N

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