AP to AP link

Joseph Watson jtwatson
Mon Feb 3 22:29:50 PST 2003


	I have search the archives and didn't find an answer to this problem.  How do 
I configure HostAP drivers to make a link between to identical AP's.  I have 
no problem setting up one AP, and connecting to it with a client using 
wlan-ng drivers.  But I only want to make a point-to-point bridge between two 
computers.  Their will not be any clients accessing these cards as there AP.  
Would the proper way to do this be to use one end as a AP and the other as a 
client, and then include the devices in a bridge config on each end?

	I have read about WDS, but if I understand it right, you only use WDS if you 
have AP's bridging and clients connecting to one or both of the AP's that are 
bridging.  I do not want clients to connect to these AP's.


Joseph Watson

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