Problems with HostAP and RedHat 8.0

Dave Edwards Dave.Edwards
Mon Feb 3 04:28:27 PST 2003

Hi Folks,

I'm faily new to Linux and have a strange problem with HostAP and RedHat 

I'm using an AMD 1500MHz machine with kernel 2.4.18-19.8, with a Belkin 
PrismII card and a PLX based pci adaptor.

The problem I'm seeing is this:

When I connect a STA to the AP, everything appears fine, throughput is 
around 600-650Kbytes/sec
When I connect a second STA, the total throughput drops to 80Kbytes/sec!

When I enable bridging on the machine, the total throughput for a single 
STA drops to 80Kbytes on the wireless interface. The wired interface 
still delivers better than 30Mbit/sec. (This is low but I'm using a 
realtek card)

I can recompile the HostAP without problems, however when I use the 
hostapd daemon the total throughput drops to 10Kbytes/sec.

It appears to be a HostAP networking issue, does anyone have any 
suggestions on how to fix this?



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