Linksys WUSB12

Mark Glines mark-hostap
Sat Feb 1 11:41:15 PST 2003

On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 08:38:22AM -0800, a n wrote:
> Hi, have several questions on the new Linksys NIC called WUSB12
> 1. Does it use the Prism chipset ? If so which version ?

Hi!  I've never heard of a WUSB12 before.  I do know of three
variations of WUSB11, though (found in linux-wlan-ng and
atmelwlandriver sources):

1.  WUSB11v2.5, prism2 MAC, intersil RF.  USB vendor 0x066b, ID 0x2212
2.  WUSB11v2.6, atmel MAC, intersil RF.   USB vendor 0x066b, ID 0x2211
3.  WUSB11v2.6, atmel MAC, RFMD frontend. USB vendor 0x077b, ID 0x2219

Do you have one of these new WUSB12 NICs?  What are the USB
vendor/IDs for it?  Can you send lsusb output?

> 2. Does HostAp work with this NIC ?
> 3. It has an USB interface instead of PCI/PCMCIA. Does HostAP work with any similar NIC ?

Not yet.  Hostap does not yet support USB interfaces.  I've been
trying to add support for it, for the last couple of weeks, but
I haven't gotten much of it working yet.  Is anyone else working
on USB support?


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