TX Power Set Problem in SENAO Card

Ricardo Oliveira a28574
Thu Dec 25 02:56:18 PST 2003

I have a problem running HostAP v0.12 in my Slackware 9.1 
The driver loads ok at boot but after that I cannot set 
the output power!!

My card is a Senao SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 (200mW), and the 
output of "iwconfig" is as follows:

root at linker:~# iwconfig wlan0
wlan0     IEEE 802.11b  ESSID:"oaz.wifi" 
           Mode:Master  Frequency:2.437GHz  Access Point: 
           Bit Rate:11Mb/s   Sensitivity=1/3
           Retry min limit:8   RTS thr:off   Fragment 
           Encryption key:off
           Power Management:off
           Link Quality:0  Signal level:0  Noise level:0
           Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx 
invalid frag:0
           Tx excessive retries:1755  Invalid misc:193 
  Missed beacon:0


Ricardo Oliveira

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