DWL-520 rev E

Andrew Barr barr.156
Mon Dec 22 12:38:40 PST 2003

Hello all--

I'm new to this list, and I have looked up the testing of the DWL-520
revision E in the archives. I have one of these cards--and I was wondering
if I should keep it. I have tried the various fixes and patches that have
been suggested in postings, as well as trying the latest CVS snapshot. I
have not been successful and I have been getting errors similar to those
posted in the list. Access to the internet on the machine in question is not
critical in Linux for the time being. Basically, when, if at all, do you
expect the DWL-520 revision E to be supported by HostAP? I am not looking
for dates but rather a general idea so that I know if I should use this
thing or not.

Andrew Barr
barr.156 at osu.edu

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