WL200 wlan0 wont register

k vthoog wvthoog
Wed Dec 17 16:51:14 PST 2003

on a Debian system i've just installed a new custom kernel with also a 
custom pcmcia-cs-3.1.34 package. After configuring the PCIC options in 
/etc/default/pcmcia the Cirrus PCI-PCMCIA bridge loads succesfully.  When it 
loads though it gives me one loud, and one softer beep.

the hostap modules compile without any problems but doesnt register the 
wlan0 device, this is wat dmesg states:

Intel ISA/PCI/CardBus PCIC probe:
PCI: Enabling device 00:0c.0 (0080 -> 0081)
PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 00:0c.0
  Cirrus PD6729 rev 00 PCI-to-PCMCIA at slot 00:0c, port 0xa000
    host opts [0]: [ring] [1/5/0] [1/20/0]
    host opts [1]: [ring] [1/5/0] [1/20/0]
    ISA irqs (default) = 3,4,7,12,14 polling interval = 1000 ms
cs: memory probe 0x0d0000-0x0dffff: excluding 0xd0000-0xdffff
cs: memory probe 0x0c0000-0x0cffff: excluding 0xc0000-0xcffff

anyone got any ideas, i've seen this problem before but no clear solution 
for it.

WJ van 't Hoog

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