FW: WDS and cisco AP

Ingrid ingrid
Tue Dec 16 23:42:23 PST 2003

As a Linux Newbie, I am very proud to have been able to setup Zipslack
linux, install all the libraries / compilers and compile the Hostap

I can connect to a remote Cisco AP (aironet 1200, Running in the AP root
mode) in the hostap managed mode without a problem.

But I cannot seem to get the WDS / Master mode working. It is most
likely my technical skills - but before I put another 3 weeks of effort
into learning and fixing it a - quick question.

- Am I able to connect via WDS (master mode) to a Cisco 1200 AP?
- Is it possible?
- What is the difference between master and repeater mode?

I found heaps of help on setting up the Hostap, but not many on WDS

My config:
2511 - 200mw long range wifi card (station version 1.4.9 - I read that this
version is OK!)
zipslack 9.1, hostap 1.1, Toshiba 486 with 24Mb ram / 2gb hdd

Thanks for any information,

Stuart Frame

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