Another question about Senao.

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Dec 15 15:28:15 PST 2003

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Ruben Navarro Huedo wrote:

> Please..excuse me...
> Another question about Senao limited to 100mw.
> Do you know if i would have to update NIC, PRI or STA firmware to fave the
> 200mw in the 2511 cd ext2?

All you need is to update the PDA and then reflash secondary firmware (the
same version is OK), or load it every time you use the card.  The data
from PDA is applied to the firmware whenever it's written to the flash or

You should change items 0x0103 and 0x0104.  See this message:

prism2_srec doesn't seem to have support for changing the PDA, so you may
want to use linux-wlan-ng and prism2dl for that purpose.

Pavel Roskin

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