How to configure freeradius w/ hostap for authentication

alf romeo gambaslupa
Sun Dec 14 23:56:28 PST 2003

Hi there...can someone give me the basics on howto
setup freeradius w/ hostap?!...what are the necessary
files to edit?!...I am running RH9 w/ hostap-0.0.4
Is my version of hostap support the radius
authentication/authorization?! do i use hostapd
w/ freeradius.SOri if my questions are bit simple.I
really have no experience in setting up radius. SHould
the wireless clients run some sort of software to have
its authentication w/ the radius server?!..will it be
possible to use radius server for windows clients?!...

Maybe we could use a simple network, say we have 1
AP(hostap w/ radius) and two wireless clients(1
windows & 1 RH)...what would each PC
needs(packages)?...I'd appreciate any
help/links/documentation ung can give..Thanks!!

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