DWL 520

rezbin at yahoo.com rezbin
Fri Dec 12 15:37:19 PST 2003

Looking at the v1.8.2 update release form from
GlobespanVirata, the 8024 contains an AT24C08
compatible small serial flash.  The 1.8.2 non-volitile
firmware release also supports this platform.

There is a chance that the D-Link specific version
contains no flash, however I've not inspected one

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> On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Tony Toole wrote:
> > The 8024 platform is a newer Prism III MiniPCI.
> >
> > The first firmware revision available for this
card is
> > v1.8.0.
> Not true.  The oldest firmware in my collection to
support this platform
> is 1.4.9.  Only the RAM image (rf010409.hex)
supports the 8024 platform.
> The flash image (sf010409.hex) doesn't.
> Now that's the clue!  Most likely this platform
doesn't have flash memory.
> That explains why COR reset fails - there is no
firmware in the card yet.
> prism2_srec should be used to load primary and
secondary firmware in
> genesis node.  I remember Jouni wrote that it's not
supported yet, but
> maybe it's worth trying.
> If that's the case I would probably return the card
and buy revision A or
> B that have flash memory.  Pictures of cards can be
found here:
> http://support.dlink.com/Products/DWL520.asp
> Revision A has a distinctive short box on the board.
 Use eBay and check
> pictures.  That's how I bought my revision A card.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin

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