DWL 520

Pavel Roskin proski
Fri Dec 12 15:10:24 PST 2003

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Tony Toole wrote:

> The 8024 platform is a newer Prism III MiniPCI.
> The first firmware revision available for this card is
> v1.8.0.

Not true.  The oldest firmware in my collection to support this platform
is 1.4.9.  Only the RAM image (rf010409.hex) supports the 8024 platform.
The flash image (sf010409.hex) doesn't.

Now that's the clue!  Most likely this platform doesn't have flash memory.
That explains why COR reset fails - there is no firmware in the card yet.

prism2_srec should be used to load primary and secondary firmware in
genesis node.  I remember Jouni wrote that it's not supported yet, but
maybe it's worth trying.

If that's the case I would probably return the card and buy revision A or
B that have flash memory.  Pictures of cards can be found here:

Revision A has a distinctive short box on the board.  Use eBay and check
pictures.  That's how I bought my revision A card.

Pavel Roskin

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