DWL 520

mrcool at stupidgamerz.com mrcool
Fri Dec 12 10:42:55 PST 2003

Well, after an hour on the phone to dlink... and 3 diff techs... one finally
came on and answered my question... according to him the revision E1 DWL 520
is a prism2.5.  Can anyone confirm this...  I thought maybe the card was
defective, as both the hostap and orinoco_pci drivers detect it as a prism
but wont initialize it.  And the Win98 machine i had handy crashed when it
tried to load the driver (although it may have other issues not related that
could cause that).  This XP machine loads the driver fine, and the card works
fine in it, so I guess the card is physically fine.  Does anyone have any
more info on the "DWL 520 rev. E1" card? (perhaps it has a weird propriatary
firmware on it?)

Or perhaps i just return it, and find something else...  ...sigh...


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