Hostap compatible PCI cards

James B. Hiller jhiller
Fri Dec 5 19:59:43 PST 2003

> this to find out card models, so for those of you who have a wireless PCI 
> card with external antenna connector and are using the hostap driver, ?Can 
> you give me the model of your card?

I've used several:

DLink DWL-520 Rev A1 and Rev B1
Netgear MA 311 (rev unsure)
Zcomax XI-626

I'm fairly certain that the MA 311 I had was in fact a rebadged
Zcomax XI-626.

They've all worked just fine, though I did have to flash the DWL-520s
to get them past what I believe was the frame corruption problem that
came with the combination of the card and the STA it shipped
with (rev < 1.3.6, I believe it was; issue referred to in this list about
a year ago, and in some other sources).

I purchased the DWL-520s new from a place in CA, one in Jun, the other
in Aug.  They didn't have many left, but they did have some.  And
there were a few other sources at that time.

The reason I ultimately went with this card was its price ($34, I think;
can check exact price if relevant).  However, I did "borrow" the MA 311
from a local retailer and used it (and flashed it) for about 2 weeks,
and it was just fine; and I borrowed the XI-626 sent to me directly
by Zcomax for about 2 weeks, and it was fine too (had two of these,
used one with HostAP and the other with linux kernel drivers).  The MA 311
was $89, and the Zcomax was $99.  Probably better cards technically,
but that didn't matter to me.

Zcomax also has nifty external antennas for $25.  They are small thin
cones on plastic bases with a 6' cable.  The connector they ship with
fit all these cards, including the DLink.  I kept the antennas.

Hope this helps.


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