Turning Tx Power off not working in client mode

Ram Nayak nayak3127
Thu Dec 4 13:20:31 PST 2003

"iwpriv wlan0 reset 3" disables the card and not the transmitter only.

Using "iwconfig wlan0 txpower off" the code uses Command Register 13 ( A/D 
Test Modes 2).

What I have noticed is that in master mode, it works and I do not see any 
beacons being transmitted but in station mode, I see the probe requests 
still being transmitted.

Any ideas?


>From: Jiri Fojtasek <jiri.fojtasek at hlohovec.net>
>To: hostap at shmoo.com
>Subject: Re: Turning Tx Power off not working in client mode
>Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 19:47:12 +0100
>Ram Nayak wrote:
>>I using the hostap driver as a client and by default the client is not 
>>associated to any access point.
>>I then use the command : "iwconfig wlan0 txpower off" to turn off the 
>>Using a wireless sniffer I see that the probe requests are still being 
>>transmitted from the card. Why are the probe requests still being 
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>>HostAP mailing list
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>"iwpriv wlan0 reset 3" to disable the radio
>"iwpriv wlan0 reset 4" to enable the radio
>HostAP mailing list
>HostAP at shmoo.com

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