running hostapd on wired machine

Oleg Izhvanov OIzhvanov
Wed Dec 3 22:44:19 PST 2003


In the end of last year I made a patch to HostAP daemon, which
abstracts HostAP daemon from HostAP kernel driver, enabling
802.1X authentication on one wireless card, that has support of
Linux Wireless Extensions, but unaware of HostAP kernel driver
private ioctls() and 802.11 frame management.

This patch makes use of Linux Wireless Events to notify
daemon about stations association/deassociation. To make HostAP
daemon 802.1X authentication work on wired interface you have
to find some way of providing these notifications to HostAP
daemon (and code them into the daemon, too), maybe via some
simple protocol between your AP and the HostAP daemon.

Kunal Trivedi wrote:
> Hi,
> I've digged into the archive, but could not find any responses to Ron's
> question in november.
> "Is it possible to run hostapd on wired machine ? or bind hostapd to
> wired interface ?"
> We would like to authenticate wireless users but AP does not have 802.1x
> functionality.
> hostapd code seems to be using some information from kernel driver.
> Has anybody tried something like that.
> Comments/suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Kunal
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