running hostapd on wired machine

Oleg Izhvanov OIzhvanov
Wed Dec 3 23:51:58 PST 2003


Here is the link to the HostAP mail list posting with the patch:

Note, it will almost certainly not work with the recent version
of hostapd. I'd advise you to take "hostap-2002-10-12.tar.gz",
so you would have something to start with.

Imo, here are some interesting things for you in the patch:

1. EAPOL packet filter for HostAP, enabling daemon receive only
    EAPOL packets. (hostapd.c)

2. handle_event_token(...) event dispatcher in the wevent.c, responsible
    for handling station association/deassociation.

Kunal Trivedi wrote:
> Hi,
>     Is it possible to publish that patch ? So, that I can get
>     some idea or start from your patch ?
>     Thanks for the quick reply.
> -Kunal
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> Kunal Trivedi (412-268-1255)
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> Carnegie Mellon University
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> On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Oleg Izhvanov wrote:
>>In the end of last year I made a patch to HostAP daemon, which
>>abstracts HostAP daemon from HostAP kernel driver, enabling
>>802.1X authentication on one wireless card, that has support of
>>Linux Wireless Extensions, but unaware of HostAP kernel driver
>>private ioctls() and 802.11 frame management.
>>This patch makes use of Linux Wireless Events to notify
>>daemon about stations association/deassociation. To make HostAP
>>daemon 802.1X authentication work on wired interface you have
>>to find some way of providing these notifications to HostAP
>>daemon (and code them into the daemon, too), maybe via some
>>simple protocol between your AP and the HostAP daemon.
>>Kunal Trivedi wrote:
>>>I've digged into the archive, but could not find any responses to Ron's
>>>question in november.
>>>"Is it possible to run hostapd on wired machine ? or bind hostapd to
>>>wired interface ?"
>>>We would like to authenticate wireless users but AP does not have 802.1x
>>>hostapd code seems to be using some information from kernel driver.
>>>Has anybody tried something like that.
>>>Comments/suggestions appreciated.
>>>Kunal Trivedi (412-268-1255)
>>>Network Development
>>>Carnegie Mellon University
>>>pgp fingerprint:186D 2CFB 51E5 4058 CB25  52D0 6CAE D97B 365D 15E9
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>>>HostAP at
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Best Regards, Oleg Izhvanov <oizhvanov at>

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