802.11b cards hostap and 802.1X authentication

Obermeier Markus ICM MP PD TS markus.obermeier
Tue Dec 2 01:41:17 PST 2003

Dan Searle dan.searle at adelix.com wrote on Wed Nov 5 08:09:14 MST 2003 

> Hi all,

> Just to let people know for the record, if anyone is experiencing problems
> with certain 802.11b clients associating/authenticating with a hostap access
> point but then being thrown off (disassociated) almost immediately then look
> at the MTU (called fragmentation threshold under Windows) setting for the
> card's driver. I found for instance that the LinkSys WMP11 wouldn't work out
> of the box, it would associate and authenticate using the Odyssey 802.1X
> client supplicant, but required me to turn the MTU size down from it's
> default of over 2k to about 1200. After a reboot of the windows box the
> LinkSys card has been working flawlessly, even using 104bit WEP auto
> re-keying every 5 minutes.

> Hope this info helps anyone, Dan...

Hi Dan,

thanks for your information. I have had the trouble you described. I was wondering
why. If your proposal works, it would be great.

I have now to figure out how to change the MTU on a iPAQ hp5550.


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