Hostap-0.0.1 Install problems debian woody 2.4.18tsc

verdu009 at verdu009
Tue Apr 29 14:24:36 PDT 2003

hi all,

I installed woody with the standard 2.2.20 kernel and upgraded afterward to 2.4.18(tsc) Image install.
I did a kernel source installation of 2.4.18 as well.
Later on I compiled my 3com 905 into the kernel as well with the wireless extensions.
Nothing exotic i think.

On compilation no errors!

make install_pci however start nagging about;
" Module installation directory not valid: /lib/modules/2.4.18'

So i changed usr/src/~linux/include/linux/versions.h
from #define UTS_RELEASE "2.4.18"
into #define UTS_RELEASE "2.4.18-586tsc"

Make install_pci now perfoms 90 percent of the module install, but exits with

Depmod: Can't open /lib/modules/2.4.18/modules.dep for writing

----- Cause, it doesn't excist -> this needs to be 2.4.18-586tsc as well!

What can i do to change this?
What's going wrong here?


Evert Verduin

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