Txpower setting for making interference

Yu, Heeyeol heeyeoly
Mon Apr 28 14:09:28 PDT 2003

Hi HostAP
I want to set up Txpower value for making interference.
What I need is packet drop due to interference.
I set up the txpower in iwconfig, but it seems not to work.
What is the min and max  value of that?
Further I wonder this txpower is related with firmware version.
When I tried to use linux-wlan-ng driver there is no inteface for that
due to wireless_ext is lower version.
Even though I tried to make code for that option, it doesn't work.
Now I am using hostAP which supports txpower interface. Even if there is
code for txpower, it seems not to work.
I used Linksys WPC11.
Also I wnat to know which PCMCIA card work for this txpower in hostAP
Best regards
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