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Michael 'Moose' Dinn dinn
Sat Apr 26 18:20:59 PDT 2003

> If anyone wants some WMP-11's from Future Shop (Prism2 ones) I can go grab a
> bunch and test them. I'll charge $5 CDN to test 'em and make sure they're
> prism2 cards - or you can order blind at :-)

Well, I think that WMP-11 I got was the last one they had. Neither local
Future Shop has any more WMP-11's at all. :-(

However, one of my other local suppliers is carrying the USR Prism-2 based
PCMCIA cards with PLX adapter! yaay :-)

It even worked first try on my config that was running my prism2 WMP-11 -

hostap_plx: 0.0.1 - 2003-04-05 (Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>)
PLX9052 PCI/PCMCIA adapter: mem=0xd7001000, plx_io=0xdc00, irq=10, pccard_io=0xe000
hostap_plx: CIS: 01 03 00 00 ff 17 ...
hostap_plx: manfid=0x0156, 0x0002
hostap_plx: cor_index=0x1 cor_offset=0x3e0
Prism2/2.5 PC Card detected in PLX9052 adapter

And to top it off they're even cheaper than the WMP-11s. But there's no
detachable antenna. Can't have everything you want.

Anyone have any experience with these? Antenna connectors, 200mW power (and
a 100mW card available too) and they're not TOO pricy...

The site has deep linking blocked, so you have to go to the main page, then
products, etc etc.

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