WEP Decryption via firmware

Michael Guntsche mike
Sat Apr 26 11:52:22 PDT 2003


Im running a netgear PCI MA311 in hostap mode in an old Pentium.
After upgrading the STA to 1.4.9 (RAM non-volatile) I tried using
firmware based WEP de-/en-cryption.
Copying a file from the Pentium to a notebook equipped with a netgear
MA401 I get around 580KB.
Doing it the other way around ( notebook -> pentium) I get a mere 180KB.
If I enable host based decryption on the MA311 (iwpriv wlan0
host_decrypt 1) I get around 450~500KB which seems quite ok for my setup
Trying hardware based en-decryption on the PCMCIA card gives me a normal
transfer rates too.

Why is hardware based decryption so slow with the PCI card?


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