SMC2632W card won't initalize

mel kravitz melk
Thu Apr 24 23:28:16 PDT 2003

I have the following dmesg:<snipit>
cs: IO port probe 0x0c00-0x0cff: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x0800-0x08ff: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x0100-0x04ff: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x1000-0x17ff: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x2008-0x209f: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x2f8f-0x2f9f: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x2800-0x29ff: clean.
hostap_crypt: registered algorithm 'NULL'
#modprobe hostap_cs ignore_cis_vcc=1  , plug pcmcia card in & gives:
hostap_cs: 0.0.1 - 2003-04-05 (Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>)
cs: memory probe 0x209000000-0x20a0fffff: excluding
hostap_cs: setting Vcc=33 (constant)
hostap_cs: ignoring Vcc=50 (from config)
Checking CFTABLE_ENTRY 0x01 (default 0x01)
IO window settings: cfg->io.nwin=1
io->flags = 0x0046, io.base=0x0000, len=64
CardServices(RequestIO) returned 30
hostap_cs: RequestIO: Resource in use
hostap_cs: GetNextTuple: No more items
: card already removed or not configured during shutdown
release - done
hostap_free_data: ap has not yet been initialized - skip resource
This is a 2.4.20 on an XP1000

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