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Dave Wang dave
Fri Apr 25 09:16:21 PDT 2003

I have some advice for you.

I had been experiencing wet11 crashes as well.  Lucky for us, the wireless card in the wet11 is prism based.  The problem I experienced with the wet11 (wet11 firmware 1.4.3) was that if I generated lots of upstream traffic (ie webserving behind wet11 bridged from Ethernet to wireless), it would crash in 3 seconds.  Downstream traffic, however, was fine.

You have to void your warranty by taking the prism card out of the wet11 and then update the firmware on the prism card with the following utilities:  (use firmware 1.5.6)

The original card firmware is sta:1.3.2 and pri:1.0.something.  Back those up.  
It's been really stable for me so far.  I've only tested with 64bit wep.

dave at davidwang dot com

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Im using 3 WET11 Ethernet Bridges with a Debian /Hostap 0.0.1 based AP, 
which works fine for a couple of days,
but then one by one, the WET11s crashes. I use the lastest(1.4.3)  
firmware on the WET11s.

Does somebody have any advice for me?


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