Problems with Orinoco cards associating

Jerry mrcool
Fri Apr 25 07:14:36 PDT 2003


I have WPC11 cards in an Elan bridge,SuSE 8.0, Hostap CVS dated 4/22/03.

My problem is that Orinoco cards (win98, Orinoco client manager) doesnt even
see that the ap exists, (I have 2such boxes, similar config, same CVS). I am
writing this on the same test client, only using a Nokia card, which
associates fine with either AP.  Is there some reason that the Orinoco cards
cant see the APs?

The distance isnt an issue as the client is within 5 ft of the AP.
detail specs...

AP: SuSE 8.0, kernel pcmcia (2.4.18), 4/22/03 CVS Snapshot, WPC11 ram FW
Clients: Win98,Lucent Silver(Orinoco) driver 7.64, FW 8.42
            and Nokia C110, with the last available drivers from their


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