WEP encryption

m_pawlowski at t-online.de m_pawlowski
Thu Apr 24 17:23:47 PDT 2003

  hi everybody.

sorry for disturbing again.

i seem to have a problem analysing if  my hostap does run with 
wep-encryption enabled or not. well, i put the wep-stuff into 
hostapd.conf and also configured wep by using hostap_crypt_conf, but an 
xp-machine (i didn't check out any other machine so far) equipped with a 
prism2-card (onboard)  presents me with the following:

when i use the configuration tool that was provided by the manufacturer 
of the card (actiontec electronics with their prism2 card) and put in it 
the wep key with 128bits of encryption no connection at all will be 

when i use the dumb built-in windows feature to manage the wireless lan 
and put in it the key with "wep enabled" it works just fine (even at 11mbps)

by using the manufacturer provided tool with 128bits of enc i see a 
whole lot of hostap debug output stuff like

authentication: STA=(mac addr) auth_alg=1 auth_transaction=1 status_code=0
Unknown authentication algorithm (1)
Received 30 bytes management frame
MGMT (TX callback) ACK
mgmt::auth cb

although ap_auth_algs is set to 3 with prism2_param.

anyway - if i completely disable encryption with the manufacturer 
provided tool it works and the card gets connected to the hostap system. 
so either windows lies to me by blinding me with encyption that is not 
really active or the manufacturer tool lies to me or does some weird 
stuff or stuff that i don't really have any idea about. (yes, iwconfig 
shows the enc key for all devices)

can anyone please tell me how i can check out if wep is enabled indeed 
and to make sure that only encrypted wep-auth is possible? i've read 
thru the readme but i didn't find any stuff corresponding to this ... at 
least i can't remember having found anything corresponding to this.

if i should have missed something please do accept my sincerest apologies.

if i did not miss anything that's written in the docs i'll gladly 
appreciate any hints.

thank you very much in advance.


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