Dead card after wrong pda and firmware flashing

Raffaele Raf raffaele1963
Tue Apr 22 07:37:28 PDT 2003

Sorry for my bad explanation. When I say I think I
corrupted the original firmware and I cannot flash a
new one I mean I tried to program a USR 2450 with a
wrong memory card (Centennial 5v), and now it does not
boot up any more.
Any way, I wish to thank you so much because with the 
link to the new flash.exe that you gave me, today
I could do miracles !!!

1) Resurrected dead generic prism 2 card.

2) Resurrected dead USR 2445 card (coming from the
   USR 2450 AP) having broken PDA, primary and     
   secondary firmware.

What I did is to perform a "cold programming" not
using at all the information coming from the card.


1) Find a compatible PDA and change mac add
2) Find a compatible initial firmware (i10003c0.hex).
3) Find a compatible primary firmware (p10003c0.hex).
4) Find a compatible secondary firmware(s1010409.hex).
5) Download the latest flash.exe.

Then run in sequence: 

A) flash -legacy -3v -on -i i10003c0.hex
B) flash -legacy -g -pf -p 8002.pda  -spi -hf -3v -on
-d p10003c0.hex
C) flash -legacy -g -pf -p 8002.pda  -spi -hf -3v -on
-d s1010409.hex
D) flash -legacy -g -p 8002.pda  -spi -hf -3v -on

And finally check the results with
flash -legacy -3v -s

I believe the magic is made by the -hf parameter.

I hope this will help other people


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